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Housing is a human right. While governments all over the world believe that statement, are seized with homelessness and understand it is an important issue, its complexity makes finding the best solutions difficult. Shift Cities aims to operationalize the right to housing at the city level by assisting municipal governments in implementing federal and international legislation. Cities that participate in this project will share knowledge and experiences as they demonstrate how human rights can develop solutions to local housing challenges.

This project is currently being carried out in Canada, as we work alongside the governments of three cities across the country to implement the National Housing Strategy Act and bring together a network of trailblazing Canadian cities committed to the right to housing. We’re gearing up to launch Shift Cities Europe – check back for more!

Convened by The Shift and the Canadian Urban Institute, the Right to Home working group brings together elected officials and city staff from across Canada committed to securing the right to housing. Read more about Right To Home.

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