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The world is in the middle of two existential and inextricably linked crises: the climate crisis, wherein human-driven global temperature increases threaten to make our planet unlivable and the housing crisis, in which 1.8 billion people globally are living in situations of homelessness or grossly inadequate housing, often lacking basic services like water, sanitation, and electricity, facing unaffordable housing costs and energy poverty, or living in housing precarity. Solutions to these twin crises must be as closely linked as the crises themselves, requiring coordination and intention in their design. The Shift is a small but mighty team of experts working tirelessly to make the human right to housing a reality around the world, in a way that protects our environment and ensures a future for generations to come. 

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governments from around the world actively engaged on the right to housing
letters of concern issued to hold government and industry accountable
local government networks working on the right to housing, supported by The Shift
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Making the Right to Housing a Reality

Our work drives bold and deliberate action to address the twin crises facing our world by:

  • Talking to Industry & Government: We build relationships with policymakers and investors in housing to help them better understand the intersections between housing, finance, homelessness, and climate change, and to harness the practical benefits of using human rights in policymaking and investment practices.
  • Telling Important Stories: We use films, podcasts, op-eds, and other cool stuff to tell stories about housing, justice, climate, and how we can build a better world. We share the work of people trying to change the world to encourage others to make a difference where they can.
  • Helping People Understand: We want everyone to know that housing and human rights can make the world a better place. In addition to writing detailed standard-setting documents and in-depth reports, we use our presence on social media to break down complex issues so everyone can join the conversation.
  • Joining Forces: There are incredible people around the world working to guarantee human rights, including the right to housing, and to protect our environment. We team up with others so we can strengthen our impact. Together, we’re a more powerful force for good.

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