Mariam. New Delhi, India.

“My name is Mariam and I came to Delhi after running away from my family in Assam. When I came here, I did not have any work. I would beg and sleep on the pavement; the pavement was my home. I have faced many challenges. During the day, my time would pass in begging, finding food, and spent amidst crowds of people. At night, I would be scared because many drunken men roam around. As I was alone, I could not sleep, and would stay awake the entire night. I have experienced many such difficulties.

When the lockdown was announced, the police removed us from the streets. Since nobody was out of their homes, I could not beg and arrange food. Sometimes people would distribute food on the roads, or I would go to the food distribution centres in schools, to get food.”

— Mariam [New Delhi, India]


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