The world is at a tipping point: more than 150 million people globally are living without a home during the biggest pandemic in a century.

Adequate housing is the most effective defense against COVID-19. This should mean one thing: governments must recognize housing as a human right and end homelessness around the world. Instead, in the last six months we have seen an increase in mass evictions, a growing number of informal settlements and encampments, and more people living in homelessness than ever before.

The pandemic has amplified the housing crisis and exposed it as a human rights crisis by demonstrating that access to home is a matter of life and death.

This is a human rights moment. It’s time to end homelessness in all countries, regions, cities, and communities.

The Global Homelessness Action provides people experiencing homelessness with an opportunity to collectively claim their right to housing. Convened by The Shift and organizations across the globe, this initiative aims to amplify individual voices through video, audio, and written testimonies demanding concrete and urgent action from governments.

Participate in the Global Homelessness Action

We invite anyone living unsheltered in their community to participate in the Global Homelessness Action and claim their right to housing.

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If you are an organization or group addressing homelessness or housing needs, partner with us on the Global Homelessness Action.

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