Ganga. New Delhi, India.

My name is Ganga. I have been living in New Delhi for the last 22 years. Currently, I live in a shelter. I have a disability and earn a living by operating a battery rickshaw.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, I had no work. It was very difficult to find food. Though the government provided free meals in the shelter, the food was of poor quality; it just helped us survive. It was only after the community kitchen started in Mori Gate that my fear of hunger ended.

The greatest challenge of not having a home during the pandemic is that I cannot ensure any physical distancing. If I had a home, I could have stored food supplies safely. During the entire lockdown, I lived in great fear and insecurity.

These days, the government is asking everyone to ‘stay home.’ But since I don’t have a house, this means that the government must fulfill my right to housing.

To the Government of India, I say: Housing

— Ganga [New Delhi, India]


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