If you haven’t already, watch Push the film which is available to stream here [hyperlink]. You can also check out our podcast, PUSHBACK Talks. Each week our Global Director Leilani Farha and filmmaker Fredrik Gertten have a conversation about the fight for the right to housing happening all over the world and speak with the people working to bring about change. Still looking for more? Follow us and our partners (hyperlink to partner page under GHA) on social media for regular updates and ways to get involved.

We’re always looking for ways to advance the right to adequate housing. If you see something in the news you think we should know about or would like for us to share you can email us at info@maketheshift.org or DM us on Twitter @make_theshift

The Shift is not just an organization, it’s a concerted effort by individuals all over the world to change the way society views homelessness and the systems that create it. Simply by educating others on the issue and sharing the resources we provide you are getting involved.

If you’re looking to help us with our work directly, the first thing to do is follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on the work we’re doing and how you can get involved! You can also check out our local partners [hyperlink to GHA partner page] for more information on getting involved on the local level.

Please email us at info@maketheshift.org with your name, organization (if applicable), and intended audience for your screening.

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